Anti-theft apps to protect your phone

Have you ever lost your phone or did you recently loose your phone?

There is a rampant rise of phone theft incidents in Kenya, which makes it even more stressful because smartphones are increasingly holding sensitive data that includes contacts, passwords and accounts. 

Being indispensable for communication and everyday tasks, the need for enhanced protection has never been more apparent.

If you have lost your phone, this is how you can get it.

Below is a list of some of the anti-theft software apps in Kenya that will definitely help you locate your stolen or lost phone and be able to get your phone back.

They include: Cerberus App, Xecure App, Phone-Theif Guard Security Pro, Prey Anti-Theft and Where is my Droid.

Cerberus Phone Security App is an anti-theft app that has a set of diverse features. The features includes tracking of lost phones Via GPS, locking and resetting your phone, triggering the phone’s alarm remotely and wiping it.

It also enables access to both front camera and the audio recording, enabling it to take photos and record audios of the thief remotely.

Furthermore, you can also hide the app drawer to stay away from suspicion, remote shell into your device, use it with wear OS and record audio from the mic.

The App offers a short-term trial and an unlimited paid version. It can only be downloaded directly from its website as the app isn’t available anymore on Google Play because of Google’s draconian permission policies.

Xecure App has four distinct security modes whereby each mode is tailored to provide comprehensive protection in different usage scenarios.

This app has features according to every situation.

The App generates an emergency ringtone alarm after plug-out the phone from charger, when someone tries to touch or move your phone from the table or desk, or when someone tries to change the location from the phone.

Pocket or bag mode activates proximity sensors to detect unauthorized access when the phone is stored in a pocket or bag while the headphones mode kicks in when the user is using their wired headsets.

Xecure also has a SIM-change alert system, sending a notification to the phone owner’s registered email address, allowing for swift action to protect personal information.

Xecure is now available for download for Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Currently, the app is available with a launch subscription offer of Sh.99 per month or Sh999 per year.

Phone-Theif Guard Security Pro app. This app has features according to every situation. It generates an emergency ringtone alarm after plug-out the phone from charger, when someone tries to touch your phone, or when someone tries to change the location from the phone.

Prey-Anti Theft App is an app that helps you find your phone and has basic features like finding your phone, locking your device, and setting off an alarm.

You’ll be able to take pictures to see where your device may be and gather network information to see where your device has been. It seems to work for most people, and that’s what really matters.

The app is available on Google Play and It’s completely free.

Where is my Droid App. This App enables you to locate your lost device and take pictures remotely.

Once you have lost your device, you can immediately lock it so no one can access whatever is inside your phone.

The App is available on Play store.

These apps are for prevention measures and must be installed in the phone before it gets lost or the softwares will fail to work.

The rise of phone thefts has prompted the development of several anti-theft apps in a bid to curb it.

However, anti-theft apps are just one part of keeping your Android device secure.

Privacy should be checked in these Apps before installing them into your phone.

You also meed to make sure that all firmware and operating system updates are installed and that all the apps on your device with sensitive material are password protected.

Always remember the software password.