Avenge your Windows phone: Get the discounted Google Pixel 7 and improve it with Microsoft apps

I still miss my Windows phones. Well, I still have them (they’re in a drawer), but they hardly provide great or modern experiences as smartphones. I’ve long since moved on to Android, but I’ve never forgotten. A lot of Microsoft apps help. If you’re still bitter about the demise of the much-needed third smartphone ecosystem, you might be able to alleviate the pain and get a great new phone at the same time. The Google Pixel 7 is on sale for just $500 at Amazon, and it’s prime real estate for all the Microsoft apps we love and use.

This is an unlocked Google Pixel 7 that should work with all major cellular carriers. It has 128GB of storage, and is available in three colors (black, white, and a light green). The standard Pixel 7 is already considered an excellent value at its full retail price of $600, so shaving an extra $100 of that is awesome. If you want extra storage,  you can also get the 256GB model of the Pixel 7 for $600, which is still $100 off the full price. For even more savings, you can activate your new Pixel 7 with Best Buy and get an additional $100 taken off the model of your choice.

Why I recommend this deal

Google has built a whole ecosystem it wants you to use, or you could just use Microsoft’s apps and services. (Image credit: Google)