Discord Revamps Its Safety and Security Measures, Improves Mobile App and Nitro Subscription Experience, Details Here

Discord has introduced several updates to enhance safety and security on its platform. The main highlight is the introduction of multiple warnings for users, offering them opportunities to learn from their errors and improve their behaviour on Discord, rather than resorting to immediate permanent bans. Additionally, Discord has shared improvements made to its mobile apps and enhancements to the Nitro subscription experience.

Teen safety assist feature

In its official announcement blog for the latest fall update, Discord highlights its 150 million users and its commitment to improving user experiences. To enhance safety, particularly for teenagers, Discord has revamped its approach. One notable change is the introduction of a “safety alert” for teenagers when they receive a direct message from a new user, encouraging them to think twice before responding. Furthermore, automatic filters will now be in place to screen sensitive content in both DMs and group chats or servers.

New warning system

Their revamped “warning system” is a noteworthy addition, which will include “multiple touchpoints” to make users understand the rules they violated and the consequences of their actions. Discord claims that “these touchpoints provide more transparency into Discord interventions, letting users know how their violation may impact their overall account standing and gives information for them to learn from to be better users of Discord.”

Offenders will first receive a DM as a warning or a violation depending on the severity of their action, which will guide them to a page that details them on which broke the rules and how. Additionally, users will be able to review their past violations and related information on the Account Standing tab in Settings. Having said that, Discord notes that it has a “zero-tolerance policy towards violent extremism and content that sexualizes children.”

Teen safety assist feature and Warning system demonstrated as will be seen on Discord mobile app

In addition to these new features, Discord highlights how it has improved its mobile apps over time, with faster launch times, improved stability, and more. The new Remix feature now allows users to edit pictures before sharing directly from the mobile app. Additionally, Discord’s Nitro subscribers will now have 19 new styles to choose from while customising app icons on mobile and desktop.

These new features and changes will be gradually introduced worldwide in the coming weeks. Discord has indicated that it will unveil more features as part of its Teen Safety Assist initiative in 2024, with additional details to follow.