Introducing Check Point Quantum SASE: Game-Changing, 2x Faster Internet Security for a Hybrid Business

Today, we announced Check Point Quantum SASE, bringing a powerful and unique Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution to customers around the world.

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Quantum SASE is the world’s only hybrid solution, combining on-device and cloud-based protections. It delivers 2x faster internet security, full mesh Zero Trust Access, and SD-WAN. And because it’s from Check Point, it offers the most effective threat prevention in the industry. It is unique in solving for the fragmented and frustrating user experience of other SASE solutions, providing simplified management and superior browsing experience.


The world is hybrid. The digital transformation has fueled adoption of cloud computing services, with 94% of enterprises now using them. According to McKinsey, since the COVID-19 pandemic, 90% of enterprises have embraced hybrid work models. These two trends have pushed the digital enterprise outside its traditional perimeter and the internet itself has become the new corporate network. This creates a vast new attack surface and a need for enterprises to deploy multiple security tools at multiple locations to protect it. The result is an over-complex and slow network, with too many separate security products, managed from multiple consoles.

Security professionals face many challenges in this new world. They must protect an ever-expanding threat surface that is constantly under siege from sophisticated, connected attackers, all while struggling with skills shortages and cost constraints.

Acknowledging these challenges and the need for a better way to protect corporate networks, Gartner defined the SASE model. It states that networking and network security products should converge into a single unified cloud-delivered solution. However, all leading SASE providers have chosen to implement a cloud-only solution which creates a need to route all user traffic through the cloud service’s datacenters, which adds latency. This frustrates users and hurts their productivity.

All SASE providers, that is, except one.

Introducing Quantum SASE from Check Point

Quantum SASE improves on the Gartner model by adding a unique solution to the internet security latency problem. It uses a hybrid approach that combines on-device protection, enabling direct internet access, with cloud-based protection. This results in 2x faster internet security, when compared with other solutions on the market.

“As the lines between digital and physical realms become increasingly blurred, businesses need a comprehensive, consolidated, and collaborative security strategy,” said Amit Bareket, VP, Security Service Edge at Check Point Software Technologies. “With Quantum SASE, Check Point stands as the pioneer security partner, offering a hybrid SASE solution comprised of three pivotal components: on-device network protection, cloud network protection, and a unified security gateway with built-in SD-WAN and IoT security. As organizations navigate the intricacies of hybrid work and cloud integration, Quantum SASE provides a leading-edge suite that is not just a solution but the very future of secured networking.”

The main benefits of Quantum SASE are:

  • Enhanced Internet Access: 2x faster internet security performance and secure access for both remote users and branch offices, bolstered by cloud and on-device network protections. This ensures a native, localized browsing experience with tighter security and privacy
  • Zero Trust Access: Efficient and reliable system assuring least privilege access for all, regardless of location or device, facilitated by full mesh connectivity between users, branches, and applications
  • Optimized SD-WAN Performance: Features include industry-leading AI Threat Prevention combined with smooth internet and network connectivity, with autonomous steering for over 10,000 applications. The solution ensures uninterrupted web conferencing through seamless link failover and a dedicated steering policy
  • Private global backbone consisting of dual tier-1 links at each PoP location, delivering highly available and high-performance connectivity across the enterprise network.
  • Ease of Deployment: Recognized as the easiest-to-implement SASE solution, Quantum SASE boasts a one-hour rollout and user-friendly administration
  • Unified Management: Single-vendor SASE with a consolidated console for the entire on-premises and cloud firewall portfolio

We are deeply committed to providing our customers with the best security. Our recent Perimeter 81 and acquisition is now integrated into the Infinity architecture, which delivers a powerful SASE solution. Additionally, Check Point was recently recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust Platform Providers 2023 report. With a clear vision to deliver the fastest and most secure next-gen firewalls combined with SASE, we are proud to redefine cybersecurity standards for hybrid and cloud environments.

Quantum SASE is available now, meaning customers don’t need to wait to easily fortify their security posture without compromising on performance. Learn more here.

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