Microsoft Vs. Google Vs. AWS: Q3 2023 Cloud Earnings Face-Off

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CRN provides a head-to-head comparison of AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft’s cloud revenue, sales growth, market share and more based off recent Q3 2023 earnings results.

Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, the world’s three dominant market leaders in cloud computing have all reported their quarterly financial earnings for the third quarter of 2023.

Some highlights include Google Cloud’s positive net income for a third straight quarter and AWS continuing a relatively sluggish sales growth compared to its past while still remaining the global leader in cloud services, according to new market share data from Synergy Research Group.

In total, the three cloud leaders generated nearly $56 billion in revenue during the third quarter. Google and Amazon unveiled their Q3 2023 earnings results, which ended September 30, 2023. In the same three-month span, it represented Microsoft’s first fiscal quarter 2024.

CRN compared a side-by-side comparison of each company’s: sales growth rates, total revenue, operating income, parent company financial results and brand new Q3 2023 market share data.

Microsoft, AWS And Google’s Q3 2023 Market Share

Before comparing earnings results from Google, Microsoft and AWS, let’s take a quick look at the third quarter 2023 cloud market.

Worldwide spending on enterprise cloud infrastructure services hit $68.1 billion in Q3 2023, up $10.5 billion year over year, according to Synergy data. This represents a year over year growth rate of 18 precent. In aggregate, Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft accounted for 66 percent of the worldwide market.

It is key to note that Microsoft does not provide to the public its Azure sales figures. Instead, Microsoft combines Azure, server product and other cloud services revenue all under its Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud umbrella.

CRN breaks down the five biggest revenue, sales growth, operating income and new Q3 2023 worldwide cloud market share numbers that every Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud partner, customer and investor needs to know.



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