One of the most downloaded mobile apps of 2022 is coming to Xbox

One of the most downloaded mobile apps of 2022 is coming to Xbox

What you need to know

  • Stumble Guys was originally developed by Kitka Games and then acquired by Scopely in 2022.
  • The multiplayer party game is an ever-evolving live service title for 32 players that started out as a mobile app.
  • Stumble Guys was one of the top 10 most downloaded mobile apps in 2022.
  • The game is making the jump to consoles in 2023, starting with its release on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

During the IGN x ID@Xbox Showcase today we saw the first console reveal trailer for Stumble Guys. This 32-player party battle royale game started its life out as a mobile app developed by Kitka Games and quickly shot its way up to the popularity charts to be one of the most downloaded apps of 2022 when it was acquired by Scopely—the company behind titles like MONOPOLY GO, Star Trek Fleet Command, and MARVEL Strike Force. Stumble Guys will be falling all over itself when it launches first on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One later this year with full cross-platform support.

Stumble Guys is a constantly evolving live service game that constantly offers players new ways to interact within its world. From races on foot, to vehicles, to first person “Stumbler” mode there is always something new to experience. This is, in part, the reason why the game has garnered such a social following with a community that has racked up a staggering 45+ billion engagements across TikTok, Youtube and Discord. 

With cross-progression for existing accounts at launch and crossplay coming soon after, we’re welcoming more people to join the party with current friends and all-new ones–wherever they play games.

Jamie Berger, Senior VP of Marketing