SicEm365 Launches New iOS Mobile App, Enhancing the Baylor Fan Experience


WACO, Texas — SicEm365, the largest community of Baylor fans on the internet, is thrilled to announce the release of its new iOS mobile app. Designed to provide an enhanced user experience, the SicEm365 app offers a range of features and tools that cater to Baylor fans who are passionate about following Baylor Athletics.

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With the SicEm365 app, users can now access the same wealth of exclusive content, breaking news, and engaging discussions, all tailored to their individual preferences as always, but will enjoy it in a new way. The app’s customizable push notification system delivers real-time updates, ensuring fans never miss a beat. Whether it’s the latest scores, injury updates, or exclusive interviews, SicEm365 keeps users informed and connected.

Key features of the SicEm365 app include:

1. Customizable Push Notifications: Users can personalize their notification preferences, receiving updates on the topics and teams that matter most to them.

2. Video and Audio Streaming: Enjoy seamless streaming of the live daily radio show, interview segments, and other multimedia content, providing in-depth analysis and behind-the-scenes access.

3. Interactive Community: Engage with fellow Baylor fans through forum posting and private messaging, fostering connections and discussions within the vibrant SicEm365 community.

Colt Barber, owner of SicEm365, expressed his excitement about the app’s launch, saying, “This app has been a long process, but we are excited to finally release it. While our mobile website was terrific, this app creates a seamless connection for our members to our content, the live stream of our daily radio show with David, Paul, and Craig, the premium and free forums, and introduces an incredible push notification system that is fully customizable.”

The SicEm365 app will be available in two versions. SicEm365 Premium members will have access to the full range of features, while the free version will provide limited access to tools for all users of the website. Initially, the app will be exclusively available for iOS users.

SicEm365, established in the fall of 2016, has grown to become the go-to online publication for Baylor fans, with over 3,000 premium subscribers and nearly 20,000 active users. Its dedicated team of over 10 regular contributors ensures comprehensive coverage of Baylor University’s sports teams and events.

Brian Ethridge, Ashley Hodge, and Colt Barber, the driving forces behind SicEm365, have continually strived to provide the best experience for Baylor fans. Barber added, “This app is the next step in doing so, and we are incredibly excited to bring it to our users.”

Frequently Asked Questions

“But…why? The mobile site works great.”

There are several advantages that a native app provides over a mobile website.

1. Push Notifications
We have completely overhauled the “Watchlist” and created a robust, fully customizable notification system. So whether you want a notification for breaking news, recruiting updates from Grayson, or every single time The “X” Factors posts, you can easily set those up.

2. Media Player Capabilities
One of our favorite things about the new app is the ability to control the audio and video player. You’ll now have the ability to do things like collapse the player and continue to browse the site if you’d like. It’s also now easier to play audio files in the background or watch picture-in-picture as you use other apps.

3. Improved User Interface
Another advantage of an app is a faster, smoother and more dynamic user interface. One big change you’ll notice is infinite scrolling in the forums. No longer will you have to tap the button to go to the next page — just keep scrolling! Everything should just feel smoother and faster: jumping in and out of threads, posting replies, switching forums, etc. 

Are you planning to release an Android version?

Yes! We are only releasing an iOS version today, but we built the app on a platform that will allow us to more easily spin up an Android version. We don’t have a timeline on that yet, but we will do our best to keep you informed. 

Who can access the SicEm365 app?

Anyone can download and install the app! However, you will need a premium subscription to unlock its primary features and premium content. You will need to subscribe or manage your subscription on our website — that process is not available within the app.

How do I learn to use the App?

When you first open the app, a brief app tour will appear on your screen — swipe to the right to learn some of the basics. We also hope it’s fairly intuitive, and if you’re familiar with our mobile website, you should get the hang of the app fairly quickly. If you can’t figure something out, feel free to post a topic on the Technical Support Forum, and we’ll do our best to help!

What if I find a bug? Can I report that somewhere?

Before reporting a bug, make sure to check our Known Issues thread on the Technical Support Forum. If you don’t see it listed there (or another topic about the same issue), feel free to post a new topic in the Technical Support Forum. 

Why is _______ missing from the app?

While we decided that this version of the app was stable enough to release publicly, there are a few things available on the website and not yet on the app (Search, Post of the Day page, etc.). 

Will you be adding more features to the app?

Yes, there are a lot of features that we are still planning to add, and actually, there is plenty we’re planning to add! If you would like to see a list of planned development, check the stickied thread on the Technical Support Forum.

Why did my desktop site change?

Once you log into the app for the first time, you’ll notice that the desktop site’s header bar will look slightly different. You’ll now have a bell icon, representing your notifications. This takes the place of the binoculars (previously called the “Watchlist”), and that is where you will find any replies to threads you have bookmarked, along with notifications you’ve set up. Currently, you have to set up and manage notifications within the app, but eventually, you’ll be able to do that from the desktop version as well. As for the mobile site, it remains unchanged for now, and you will only see bookmarked threads and not notifications.

I have questions – where do I ask them?

If you haven’t found your answer in these FAQs, then we’d ask that you post a new topic in the Technical Support Forum as opposed to cluttering up the other forums.