UK MSSP NGS Delivers Conceal Zero Trust Web Browser Solution –

NGS is using the ConcealBrowse zero trust web browser solution to protect its customers against ransomware and credential theft, according to Conceal.

Together, NGS and Conceal provide organizations with “a first-rate security solution that halts threats at the browser’s doorstep,” NGS founder Jonathan Lassman said. Organizations can use this solution to secure their web browsers without disrupting the user experience.

Conceal CEO Gordon Lawson added that NGS and Conceal “jointly address the sophisticated browser-based threats and challenges that modern businesses face.” In doing so, they are redefining web security.

ConcealBrowse Defends Against Cyberattacks at the Edge

Powered by the ConcealSherpaAI engine, ConcealBrowse identifies potentially harmful web pages, Conceal said. It also stops cyberattacks that take advantage of weaponized links.

Key features of ConcealBrowse include:

  • Automatic isolation of risky transactions to protect an organization’s users, endpoints and networks from compromise
  • Protection against malicious and unknown URLs to stop threats before they lead to data breaches
  • Software-defined network and isolation environments where potentially malicious activity is routed to provide additional layers of privacy and security

Organizations can use ConcealBrowse to convert any web browser into a secure one, Conceal indicated. They can integrate ConcealBrowse into any web browser to protect against malware on any endpoint across their networks.

MSPs Can Add ConcealBrowse to Their Portfolios for Free

Conceal in July 2023 launched an MSP Community Program that enables service providers to incorporate ConcealBrowse into their offerings for free.

Along with NGS, several cybersecurity companies have integrated ConcealBrowse into their portfolios:

  • Binary Defense added ConcealBrowse to its managed detection and response (MDR) service.
  • Grove utilizes ConcealBrowse to deliver browser isolation tools to organizations in the United Kingdom, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • SBL Cyber Monitoring uses ConcealBrowse to deliver security solutions to organizations in the Netherlands.
  • ThousandGuards offers ConcealBrowse to organizations in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

Conceal helps MSSPs and MSPs “generate new revenue and deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions that address the two biggest problems in cybersecurity – ransomware and credential theft,” the company said.

MSSPs and MSPs can join Conceal’s partner program to bundle ConcealBrowse into their security services.