Unveiling the Simplicity of Artificial Intelligence: Devangana Mishra, CEO and Founder, BrainBristle Explores Bridging the Gap between Humans and AI

Unveiling the Simplicity of Artificial Intelligence: Devangana Mishra, CEO and Founder, BrainBristle Explores Bridging the Gap between Humans and AI
  • How would you define Artificial Intelligence in simple terms, without using technical jargon?

AI is an unending network of wires and systems to influence, excite, engage, enamour, accentuate and accumulate our daily lives with.

  • In your opinion, why is it important to bridge the gap between human understanding and AI?

Because a vast majority of people fear using social media, simple technology, simple ways of growing and gaining because they feel ‘stuck’, or worry it’s things others do, not people like them or it’s too technical, why this, why not that, why me, why not him… They fear we can’t be this, we can’t do this, we can’t access this, this is too big, too wide, too tacky, too techy, too cumbersome, too boring, exhausting or feel judged or vulnerable or whatever else.This fear or lethargy that people have with AI and technology stops them from accessing that which the top 5% of our world benefits from and keeps growing and gaining from, leaving a big percent too fearful .

  • How do you think the fear of AI can be mitigated and the public perception improved?

By just letting them become simple, independent users, by giving them the free apps and accesses and letting them find their own routes on it after some basic instruction. People fear that which feels too out of hand, but the more we let them find their own means towards access, the more it’ll seem in their hands. Fear goes away when one learns to grapple ways through by oneself besides millions of others. It’s important we let them do that- use, misuse, and find ways to make it yours and wholly accessible. There is going to be no future without AI, everything will be seen and informed and done through the channels of AI, right from water/ food/ relief/ rescue/ remedial resources to ideas/ mood boards/ learning- so we might as well get as many people on it by giving them the tools as possible.

  • What role do you see AI playing in everyday life, based on your understanding?

Besides just being everything around us, the emails we receive, the ads we see, the way we order and what predictively shows up, how people think of one another or get reminded of each other, what pops up on our explore page, what pops up as music choices or Youtube choices, what shows up as ‘auto suggestions’. what offers pop up in our mailboxes- this is all AI, we don’t even realize AI yet it’s there, omnipresent. That’s the beauty of it, it’s so seamless, we never know where it begins and how it ends.

  • How does AI differ from human intelligence, and what are the strengths and limitations of AI systems?

Humans can navigate AI whereas AI tries to navigate us, I just wrote an essay about this the other day- our goal isn’t to play chess with AI, our goal is to play our own ways with the machine and let the machine do the work. AI is ten steps ahead of human intelligence, our goal is to live on it by using the feelings created by this influx of seamless AI to channel into human intelligence, resilience and/or creation, whatever it may be.

  • Do you believe that AI systems have the potential to surpass human intelligence? Why or why not?

I already answered this, yes, and we should let it without trying to dominate it, the problems with humans is our need to dominate each other, systems, structures, everything- just let AI get smarter than us, and let us bask in its benefits, why can’t we reap benefits without trying to stomp on it with both hands and feet and all our brains.

  • What are some misconceptions or common myths about AI that you would like to debunk?

Some big thinkers and scientists and tech junkies and columnists have predicted a lot of stuff in the space of AI and machines, things like they’re going to render many jobless, we will be living in the metaverse and not in reality, we will live social media lives, we will turn to frantic addicts, we will live in a surveillance capital, we will use this as an escape from our problems, mass addictions, it’s creating a system of lies and a popularity fest tearing people into depression and mental health issues- this is all a little true but once understood logically it can all be navigated and found ways through. This is simple.

  • How should individuals and society as a whole approach the integration and acceptance of AI technology?

By being on it, just like a baby slowly stops drinking his/her mother’s milk and begins to explore, find his/ her ways in the world through crawling, babbling, bawling, falling, standing, laughing, crying, finding- we need to do that with AI and technology- just be urged to use it, nothing will happen, you just need to get on it, it’s simple. All humans need to access all that is accessible to the 25% who are making billions- it is essential.