AMD and MassRobotics Announce Winners of the AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge

AMD and MassRobotics Announce Winners of the AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge

July 12, 2023 – MassRobotics, in collaboration with AMD, is pleased to announce the AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge winners. The challenge aimed to explore the benefits and advantages of AMD Kria System on Modules (SOMs) in integrating adaptive computing into robotics projects. Participants had the opportunity to propose how they could work with the AMD Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit and will now start working to produce results and innovation.


After careful evaluation, AMD and MassRobotics would like to congratulate the following companies that emerged as the winners of the AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge:

Phuc Labs: Phuc Labs is revolutionizing particle sorting and separation with their innovative Vision Valve technology. Using real-time image inferencing, their programmable and scalable digital sorting process replaces outdated analog methods. With applications in copper recovery from e-waste, industrial food sorting and wastewater management, Phuc Labs aims to improve speed and accuracy while eliminating the need for certain components in their current hardware setup.

Radmantis: Radmantis offers cutting-edge solutions for uncrewed fish handling, enhancing production and biosecurity in fish farming operations. Their AI-based automated tools minimize manual handling, leading to healthier products, reduced losses and streamlined task management. By addressing operational inefficiencies and the threat of invasive species, Radmantis contributes to the sustainability of aquaculture and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.

Black-I Robotics: With more than a decade of experience in robot design, Black-I Robotics focuses on developing robotic arms hosted on Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). Their versatile arm is compatible with safety regulations, capable of lifting up to 100 lbs and supports mix palletization for warehouse operations. Black-I Robotics aims to provide reliable and efficient solutions for various industries.

Tatum Robotics: Tatum Robotics is dedicated to developing anthropomorphic robotic hands for the DeafBlind community. Their flagship product, the Tatum T1, is a customizable, compliant and 3D-printed robot that enables independent communication for individuals who are both deaf and blind. By leveraging low-cost technology, cloud-based software and a translation engine, Tatum Robotics aims to enhance accessibility and empower the DeafBlind community.

Cleo Robotics: Cleo Robotics is building the Dronut, a revolutionary drone capable of operating in challenging environments where GPS signals are unavailable and confined spaces are a concern. The Dronut’s unique hardware design, combining a suite of sensors with a ducted fan sUAV, ensures safety around people and sensitive equipment. Cleo Robotics caters to industrial and commercial inspectors, government agencies, law enforcement and more.


The winners of the AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge will receive a prize funding of $5,000 USD, access to AMD’s innovation centers and market experts, opportunities to showcase their solutions at ROSCon and SPS Shows, introductions to MassRobotics’ extensive robotics network and AMD Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kits. Additionally, they will have the chance to collaborate on marketing and media engagements, including press announcements, articles and tradeshows.


Additionally, AMD and MassRobotics were impressed by the dedication and innovative approach to enabling technology in the field of robotics of university applicants. As a result, AMD has decided to award three outstanding applicants with an honorable mention in recognition of their outstanding efforts.


The first honorable mention goes to GET Robotics (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), who are developing an Unmanned Autonomous Ground Vehicle (UAGV) designed to assist in various tasks requiring mobility and flexibility. Their UAGV utilizes Rocker-bogie suspension technology and is capable of performing tasks such as surveillance, reconnaissance, transportation and logistics. GET Robotics is currently testing this technology on African farms to automate farming processes and provide valuable data and harvest predictions to local farmers.


The second honorable mention is awarded to WORMS (Cambridge, MA, USA), whose Walking Oligomeric Robotic Mobility System offers a revolutionary and adaptable robotic architecture. WORMS combines small, interchangeable “worm” units and specialized accessories to create versatile walking robots with a wide range of payload capacities. The modular design and robust multi-agent software stack enable WORMS to be configured for various missions, making it suitable for industries such as logistics, construction, emergency services and even space exploration.


The third honorable mention is presented to PluckTech (Worcester, MA, USA), a company at the forefront of hardware development in agriculture robotics. PluckTech’s focus on hardware innovation enables them to deliver exceptional solutions for autonomous fruit, vegetable and flower harvesting. They integrate a robust manipulator with a soft robotic gripper for precise and gentle handling of delicate crops. PluckTech combines expertise in computer vision, dynamics, controls, motion planning and soft robotics to create durable robots capable of withstanding the challenges of outdoor agricultural environments. They also plan to leverage AMD’s Kria platform and advanced visual processing technologies to enhance their robots’ capabilities in crop detection, classification and disease identification.


Each honorable mention recipient will receive an AMD Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit and a cash prize of USD$1000. These awards recognize the outstanding potential and innovation demonstrated by these university applicants in the field of robotics.


“We’d like to extend hearty congratulations to the winners of the inaugural AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge,” said Chetan Khona, senior director of Industrial, Vision, Healthcare and Sciences Markets at AMD. “Working together with MassRobotics, we’re excited to help early-stage robotics companies achieve their potential and bring innovative solutions to market.”


“We congratulate the winners of the AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge and commend their innovative approaches to robotics,” said Juan Necochea, Director of Strategic Partnerships at MassRobotics. “These companies have demonstrated the transformative potential of AMD Kria SOM technologies in addressing complex challenges across various industries. We are excited to support their continued growth and success.”


The AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge received applications from early-stage robotics companies that showcased a strong emphasis on hardware development, addressed complex problems in robotics, had a solid team with digital design expertise, possessed strong leadership with a proven track record and had a defensible IP position.


MassRobotics and AMD are delighted by the overwhelming response and high quality of submissions received during the AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge. The winners represent cutting-edge advancements and diverse applications of robotics technology.


“We are excited by the direction that our partner AMD has taken on this challenge and congratulate the winners on their outstanding achievements,” said Tom Ryden, executive director of MassRobotics. “The solutions presented by these companies exemplify the potential of robotics innovation and its impact on various sectors. We look forward to supporting their growth and seeing their technologies make a positive difference in the industry.”


The AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge provided a platform for early-stage robotics companies to leverage AMD’s Kria SOM technologies and accelerate their development process. The challenge offered mentorship, access to AMD’s innovation centers and the opportunity to showcase their solutions at leading robotics trade shows, including ROSCon and SPS Shows.


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