BPS young authors release guide on robotics

Ambassador of India to Qatar H E Vipul (third from left) during the book unveiling ceremony at the Indian Embassy in Doha.

Doha, Qatar: In a significant literary event, three Class 12 students of Birla Public School (BPS) in Qatar – Master Jai Aadithya, Nihal Ashik, and Hanish Abdulla – unveiled their book at the Indian Embassy in Doha.

The trio, known for their unwavering passion for robotics, launched their maiden book at just 17 years of age.

The honour of receiving the first copy of this promising guide was bestowed upon Ambassador of India to Qatar H E Vipul. The event, held at the embassy, showcased the dedication and prowess of the young authors.

Titled “Becoming A Maker, A Condensed Introduction To Hobby Robotics,” the book serves as an engaging guide into the mesmerizing world of robotics. Delving into core concepts like kinematics, sensors, actuators, and programming languages, it establishes a robust foundation for understanding the principles that govern robotic motions and interactions.

The guide further provides hands-on experiences, allowing aspirant roboticists to design, build, and program their robots. Complete with step-by-step instructions and vivid visuals, the book is both insightful and entertaining, ensuring a delightful learning experience.

The authors, Jai Aadhithya, Nihal Ashik, and Hanish Abdulla, have already left an indelible mark on the world of robotics.

Apart from co-founding PANATEX, a tech organization to bolster fellow robotics enthusiasts, the trio boasts impressive achievements, bagging INR150,000 in national-level engineering contests.

Jai Aadhithya and Nihal Ashik, both based in Qatar, have furthered their contributions by venturing into micro-robotic cancer research. Their ambition clearly transcends mere accolades; it’s about making a genuine impact.

The authors have expressed their earnest wish to share their knowledge with beginners and stimulate innovation in hobby robotics.

Their combined commitment to robotics and cancer research sets their guide apart, making it an indispensable resource for those embarking on their robotic odysseys.

With the official launch completed, the book is set to make its appearance on Amazon, in addition to various brick-and-mortar bookstores, broadening its accessibility to a global readership. The excitement among residents and book enthusiasts is palpable, as they keenly await their chance to dive into this treasure trove of robotic wisdom.