Renatus Robotics raises $2M in seed funding for autonomous logistics solutions

Renatus Robotics raises M in seed funding for autonomous logistics solutions

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Renatus Robotics Inc., a logistics startup, has announced the successful closing of its initial seed round. The company secured $2 million in funding from e-commerce logistics company e-LogiT Co., ltd. and CVC fund Dawn Capital. This key funding milestone is a testament to the industry’s faith in Renatus Robotics’ groundbreaking vision to revolutionize logistics through its end-to-end automation technologies starting with their automated robot storage system Renatus. The company’s eventual goal is to create a fully unmanned and autonomous logistics network under its motto, ‘Toward a Creative Society.’

Ryoichi Kakui, President & CEO at e-LogiT co., ltd. said, “In carrying out logistics operations, investments in AI and automation, and the implementation of automated warehouse systems, will become indispensable elements for the entire logistics industry in the future. With the cooperation of Renatus Robotics, our company has decided to implement a full-scale ‘AI-powered automated warehouse system.’ With the One-Stop Pick & Pack of Renatus, it is expected to improve work productivity, improve warehouse utilization, and significantly reduce costs, enabling the realization of a warehouse with high ROI.”

Installation of the first commercial Renatus system is already underway and slated for operation starting in Q2 2024. A majority of the system is planned to be portioned and contracted with e-LogiT for use in their order fulfillment operations, while the remaining portion will be reserved for use by Renatus Robotics for its Renatus Network blockchain project.

The purpose of this round of fundraising is multifaceted. The key aim is to leverage the cutting-edge AI and robotics technology of Renatus Robotics with the e-commerce logistics expertise of e-LogiT and the blockchain acumen of Dawn Capital. E-LogiT operates a domestic network of 8 fulfillment centers with over 1700 clients. Dawn Capital’s Akatsuki Ventures has a well-established record of strategic investment in the blockchain space, having previously backed STEPN through its Emoote fund. By combining expertise, Renatus Robotics aims to accelerate its business growth and push forward automation in the logistics industry.

Masaya Suzuki, President & CEO at MonotaRO said, “Around the fall of 2021, our company began working on a performance verification project with Renatus Robotics in order to consider the implementation of “Renatus” to our large-scale logistics centers. We’ve had the opportunity to talk with various logistics vendors, but the team at Renatus Robotics embodies a very high aspiration and expertise in both the algorithm and robotics aspects. I think it’s an extremely attractive team where each member, excelling in their respective fields of hardware and software, is working well in unison towards organizational goals. We look forward to their future achievements.”

As part of its growth trajectory, Renatus Robotics is currently considering an additional $2 million pre-Series A round, with future rounds of fundraising expected. This move is designed to provide the capital required to scale up its operations and expand within the US. The funding will also be allocated to the expansion of sales partnerships and OEM contracts with logistics vendors, solutions companies, and system integrators.

The company cordially invites interested investors, media outlets, and job candidates to get in touch. Online appointments for a live-streamed demo of Renatus are available for waitlist scheduling via Google Form (