Ship to Shore Drone Delivery Connect Robotics

Ship to Shore Drone Delivery Connect Robotics

Ship to Shore Drone Delivery Connect RoboticsConnect Robotics Delivers Emergency Kits by Drone Over the Sea in the “World’s Largest Robotics Exercise”

Connect Robotics recently took part in what has been described as the “World’s Largest Robotics Exercise.” They utilized UAVs to deliver emergency medical kits over the ocean in the Robotic Experimentation and Prototyping Augmented by Maritime Unmanned Systems or REPMUS exercise. In the exercise Connect Robotics’’ drones departed from shore, landed on a Portuguese naval ship using their precision landing system. They then delivered the kits before returning to the shoreline.

Established in 2015, Connect Robotics specializes in democratizing drone transport services, catering to a diverse array of goods and necessities. Its primary focus primarily revolves around the transportation of medical supplies and laboratory samples within the healthcare sector. However, it possesses the flexibility to transport vital items across various industries.

Ship to Shore Drone Delivery: the REPMUS Exercise

The REPMUS exercise was organized by the Portuguese Navy and NATO, and commenced on September 4th in Troia and Sesimbra, Portugal. The exercise integrates actors from both the military and private sector as well as universities and tech companies. Emerging aquatic and Aerial technologies are used to highlight their applications for safety, defense, and emergency response.

Connect Robotics has participated in numerous similar exercises. Such as the Beyond Visual Line-Of-Sight (BVLOS) flight, spanning over 10 kilometers during the inaugural edition of the ARmy Technological EXperimentation (ARTEx), organized by the Portuguese Army. This operation underscored the effectiveness of the solution in defense logistics. In BVLOS operations, the pilot lacks visual contact with the remotely piloted drone, making authorization from the Military Aeronautical Authority (AAN) a rare occurrence.

Connect Robotics currently is being used for transporting medicines at the Lajeosa Pharmacy in Vise, Portugal, often in BVLOS ranges. This is co-organized by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (NATO CMRE), and the NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative (NATO MUSI).

Connect Robotics is eager to participate in the next REPMUS exercise later this month. The successful integration of their UAVs into this exercise has further proved the largescale implementation and integration of the UAV technology into large, multi-national operations.

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